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Internet has defined a new space based on a new temporal conept: temporalities and times of 24:00 hours are  migrating from second to second.
This fluctuating, changing and migrant media defines a new temporality. Gilles Deleuze has talked about cinema which is  defining a fictitious temporality with concepts such as' moving image ', 'time image'. But on Internet this web media puts forward the notion of 'real-time' which represents moments of 24:00 (collusion between now and duration, collusion between local and global ...). In this context, for several years I have been fascinated by this fact aesthetic dimension, and that's why I tried to define a concept such as' Time ready made '.
The problem for me is not to compete with the swatch company 'cybertime' which is a commercial concept,   but to focus on the 'real time' aesthetic dimension  and see what kind of idiorrythmie (Roland Barthes) it would lead.

How to define 'Time ready made':

-"Heart Time / Time Heat" 2001
Science Fiction is worming one's way into daily life, "Heart Time / Time Heat" is offering a clock based on heart rhythm: no earth attraction, no earth travel around the sun, this clock is sending you in deep universe.
Jean Marc Avrilla.

"24h00" 1999
Permanent collection of Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive. Berkeley. USA
A project inspired by Roland Barthes concept 'idiorythmie' exposed during his Collège de France lectures:
Roland Barthes "Comment vivre ensemble", Cours au Collège de France, Paris 1977. France.

-"Longitude 38" 1999 (today lost !)
Permanent collection of Cartier foundation for contemporary arts. Paris. France
It was lost wby the webagency who developped the new version of tha Cartier Foundation for contemporary arts website at the beginning of this millenium.

-"Webscape 1998
"Webscape" is made of 100 numeric animations organized like a mosaic. All these animations are generating organisations ( the different digit geographical distribution) based on various randoms combinations. Every digit animation is linked to a webcam: Finally the mosaic is linked to over 50 webcams from all around the world. "Webscape" is dealing with the juxtaposition of digit spaces ( various fluxes on the different networks) and the geographical spaces revealed by the webcams.
All of these images are transmitted on real time through internet.
In rhizome artbase, New Museum, New York, USA

-"Be safe Be free" 1997
"Be safe / Be free" is an art installation based on a mix of webcams images and video text (wich are sending truism)...

-"Image Temps" 1997
'Time Image' is an artwork based on various images classified on a chronological way. They have as a title:
the place, the date and time where and when they were shot. These images are like 'post it'. A new kind of calendar made of daily topographies is appearing.
Is it an acestor of the weblog from today ?

-"Somewhere sometimes" 1997
" Somewhere sometimes" is an artwork made like a message sent to one of the Saturn moon called Titan.
This artwork is puted on the CD ROM to be flown to Titan onboard ESA'S Huygens space probe mission called Cassini (This CD ROM is a collection of messages and signatures). Cassini spacecraft mission left earth bound for Saturn on October 15 1997. It would have landed on Titan on November 2004.
Finally it has arrived on January 14 2005 after a 7 years journey through solar system: 4 billion kilometers !

-"Void" 1996
"Void" is a mental piece: In front of a black square, we must create a temporary mental loop. Since my childhood, when, for the first time I realized that I had a conscience (I was 7 years), by thinking I could perceive myself as a thinking person. I discovered that in the mental loops, there was a time dimension called memory ...
On 1996, at the age of 29, I felt the desire to make this experience by creating a piece dealing with a mental loop mental and memory.

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