Valery Grancher
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'Ecology and Art'

"79° N 12° E", oil on canvas, (73 * 60 cm) 30.01.2007.

Eco - Art:

Since the media has emerged, the world is globalized. This globalization has also reached the most extreme and inacessible territories, by defining a new kind of media-situ. It has brought a new opportunity to think and conceive a new art ecology foreward art and culture...

-"Ny Alesund Pole 0" 2007.05
An art expedition through the arctic circle to The Svalbard in the Spitzberg at 79°North et 12°East in the franco-german base named Cordel. All of that with the support of The French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor (IPEV) and the fourth Polar year

-"The shiwiars project" 2005.10
A Link in between the Palais de Tokyo, site de creation ccontemporaine in Paris, France and a shiwiar Tribe in Deep Amazonia (Tanguntsa) in Ecuador.

-"Global landscape" 1997 - 2003.08.
"Global landscape" is a kind of landscape which cannot be defined. Who can know which country is related through these view ?
It is also linked to a specific nomadism:
Airport and their architecture normalization; airplane with their standards, sky linked to deep universe but also normalized, clouds etc ...
Today with globalization, with the explosion of the entertainment industry, this nomadism is defined by the individual mediatization. This new kind of aesthetism is bringing a feeling of emptiness and non sense made of normalized pictures showing 'undefined and universal landscape"...

V. Grancher / Design by: C. Bruno