Valery Grancher
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Behind this ironic word, there is a new way to use the search engine tools specially from the most famous one: Google
Google is bringing a new kind of capitalism inspired by Riffkin based on flux and access to information.
We can perceive that the search engines are not dealing with industry value or financial value but with flux and semantic network.
They are defining a new kind of topos !
We may ask ourself what is language when it is a financial value ? How are evolving the words and the constitutive linguistic item? How concept may evolve ?
No narration may be born from this process.

-"Samsara" October 2004.

Google pataphysics:
-"Google Numbers" October 2003.
-"Google Alphabet" October 2003.

-"U-Topos" September 2003.
Shown in Tirana Biennale 2
What is the U-Topos concept regarding Google ?

-"No-Un-ji" Collaborative project Nomemory/Jimpunk/Unbehagen. March 2002.

-"Search Art!" February 2002.
Thousands and billions poeples are getting codes from google search engine page to integrate a search engine tag in their pages. so what are these new search engines in new context with new search terms by having the same sources ? This is search art !!!

-"Self portrait" February 2002;
In rhizome artbase, New Museum, New York, USA

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