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More often identifications questions are subjected to topographicals perceptions : Persons are divided through sexuals "topoï"; and in collective conscioussness it isn't a matter of behavourial, mental and social identity. Otherwise through the new media networks, a very subtil game is starting through various transferences and identifications phenomenon. On forums we can't know who are our partners : men, women, transexuals, or everything.
In this context we can't talk about collective identities, but severals hazy host are connecting, are moving, constituated by various persons who doesn't want to be known . Identity is appearing through flux, exchanges, disappearances and various games. Identity in this space built on real time is now a fluctuative fractality. The pesrpective point can't be identified as the identity point, they are pulsating. I prefer to speak about surfing alterities than about hidden identities. In this game, sexual, pleasure question are becoming an insolvent enigma miror of a new schizophrénia. These exchanges games and new spaces seem to be our world reflect, its reality . The reality has its own image, its own language and that's why sometimes we are speaking about virtual reality, but on this point we are making an error: In optical domain, virtuality is always the reality symmetry. In our field this symmetry is missing, it is an additional screen, a layer on reality: " une surréalité".
When we are speaking about individuals, about others, the question about collectivity is coming. But in these media spaces, collectivity is a fractality, a nebula. We are missing for an alterity not identified. A nice and soft intoxication is felt : to be, to seem, to disapear. From this game, a suffering is born : To be the emptiness like a birth in front of language ...

Valéry Grancher 1995.

-"Money to Gold! ". July 2006.
Every personnal email box is spamed everyday by fake emails from any kind of lottery or financial companies, or any kind of great job opportunities: All of them may help you to be rich !
I decided to use them an online art piece !!!

-"Samsara" Octobre 2004
Confront your own buddha being with internet !
Shown in "Nuit Blanche", Paris, France. October 2 2004.

Google pataphysics:
-"Google Numbers" October 2003.
-"Google Alphabet" October 2003.
Behind this ironic word, there is a new way to use the search engine tools specially from the most famous one: Google. Google is bringing a new kind of capitalism inspired by Riffkin based on flux and access to information. We can perceive that the search engines are not dealing with industry value or financial value but with flux and semantic network. They are defining a new kind of topos ! We may ask ourself what is language when it is a financial value ? How are evolving the words and the constitutive linguistic item? How concept may evolve ? No narration may be born from this process.

-"U-Topos" September 2003.
shown at Tirana Biennale 2
What is U-Topos concept regarding Google ?

-"No-Un-ji" Collaborative project Nomemory/Jimpunk/Unbehagen. March 2002.

-"Search Art!" February 2002.
Thousands and billions poeples are getting codes from google search engine page to integrate a search engine tag in their pages. so what are these new search engines in new context with new search terms by having the same sources ? This is search art !!!

-"Self portrait" February 2002.
In rhizome artbase, New Museum, New York, USA
Individual mediatization: Search engines are definining regarding one person name a kind of personal internet miror.

-"Self wap !"Februrary 2002.
Use the mobile phone fetichism to push people doing inept action in their daily context trough physical and mental instructions.
Connect your wap mobile phone to: (Today inactive: The Telecom company has got a bankrupcy since this time)...
Shown in the exhibition "Less Ordinary" at Artsonje Center on 2002 in Seoul, South Korea.

-"Verb" September 2001

-"Feel you!" Summer 2001

-"Reflex" 2000
Collection Fonds National d'Art Contemporain (reposoirs 2000 (screensaver)). Paris. France
Rhizome" splash page collection. Rhizome, New Museum. New York. USA

-"Bombs" 1999
This project is against any violence, any war. It is not supporting any serbian position and specially Milosevic attitude regarding violence and horror made by his army on minority.
This project is against NATO violence, it is against serbian barbarism, Milosevic facsism and all fascism and integrism. This project is dedicated to innocent victims...
This piece is also an hommage to Allen Ginsberg.

-"Both" 1998

-"Obsessions" 1997
Obsessions" is an Art piece wich is working like an interface between the artist and the public as a synergy in a town called Bordeaux in France at the CAPC Musée d'art contemporain (la galerie pour la vie)...

- "Topoï" 1996

- "Alone" 1995 -1996
An art installation is made with littles wax leaves. Inside there are contaminated people (by epidemia) confessions (sent on anonym way by email).

"Need, love, pride, panic ect..." 1994
One of my first net art pieces also derivated from one of my videos installations

-"... / ... / ..." 1994
My first net art piece derivated from one of my videos installations.

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