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Internet has always dealt with a kind of paranoïa because its double origin: Founded by the DOD (American department of defense) during the cold war, used in the early 70's by the most libertarian thinkers such as Hakim Bey, Ted Nelson. This topos based on virtuals networks has always feeded the most paranoïd fantasm of the government and the most anarchistic communities. This double aspect may be the basis of all acts on internet.
That's why all act on internet are politicals acts !

To define 'in media situ':

- "Le bureau des délations 2" 10.2007
"Second Life is not becoming a video game but a layer of ppur world. It is concentrating our dark side, fear, violence bad behaviour. All the avatars are under surveillance. So I decided to create on an ironical way a denonciation office !"
This project was performed at the 3th arrondissement  of Paris at Hôtel d'Abret, during "La Nuit Blanche 2007" in between October 6 and 7. (in french).

-"Le Bureau des délations" 10.2005.
In our times when Security is becoming the first priority instead human right, Paranoïd behaviour is the best human tools to control everypone...
This project was performed at the 4th arrondissement City hall of Paris, during "La Nuit Blanche" in between October 1st and 2nd. (in french).

-"Nomemory bazaar" 05.2004.
Today the world wild web is not anymore a space of freedom but a huge shopping mall ! This is our Hyper Bazaar where also words and language has became a new merchandise (Google addwords). That's why Nomemory website directly linked to the web context and has also evolved to this way as an e-shop dealing with off-line net art object (on ironical way of course).
Hyper commercial context has brought a new kind of pop culture based on hyper consumerism and virtual consumerism (You can buy on the web products which are existing just on a virtual way and are becoming real through your visa card payment...)

-"Fumer tue" 09.2003.
In France the governement is puting sticker on cigarette box with this sentence "Smoking is killing":
We reproduce this sticker to change the message, use this new one to cover your french cigarette box !

-"On war !" 03.2003.
altavista translation from the french version:
"This war is the first example of launched war on a purely preventive basis by a Member State of G8 whereas a process of pacification and disarmament was in hand... The most powerful nation and richest in the world launched a violent ultra operation with the total nuisance of the international community against a poor country, victim of a dictatorship and a total embargo of more than ten years and this under cover of a quasi religious discour developing the "combat against the axis of the evil", "the combat against the devil"... These speeches archaic have integrist relans and one could wonder whether one does not enter a new crusade. Then a question comes me : Which is the Holy Land ?"

-"Jerusalem" 01.2001.
"Jerusalem" was produced in January 2001. It originally dealt with two webcams focusing on the East and West side of the Jerusalem wall:
one shooting from the Palestinian side and the other from the Israeli side.
But at the beginning of the year 2001, the two brothers fought again. The Israeli blew up the Palestinian radio and TV station on January 19th, 2002 : the images from the Palestinian webcam were disconnected at the same moment: And the other side disappeared from the piece, because the webcam belonged to the Israelian  TV station, they wanted to censor my piece.
Today, you can see the piece without the webcams images.

-"Fear" 2000.
South Africa: What is the common language today ?

-"Dear Austria" 02.2000.
This space is dedicated to the austrian artist who want to protest against the new nazi government of Jorgen Hayder !

-"Bombs" 1999.
This project is against any violence, any war. It is not supporting any serbian position and specially Milosevic attitude regarding violence and horror made by his army on minority.
This project is against NATO violence, it is against serbian barbarism, Milosevic facsism and all fascism and integrism. This project is dedicated to innocent victims...

-"Black screen" 1.05.1999.
A black screen was puted instead the homepage on may 1st 1999. They were linking each other and forming a worldwild webring as a black hole during 24h00: Over 500 websites have participated to this project.

- "Contrat de vente de net art" 1998.
To create an agreement to sell imaterial art such as net art ! (in french)
This agreement was the first to be used by a museum to buy net art for their permanent collection (1998): Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain. Paris France.
read this !
Then it was used in USA by the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive to buy "24h00" on 1999 for their permanent collection.

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