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Valéry Grancher

Photo: Jerome Schlomoff


- January 16 - May 15 2010: "Polars Expeditions", collective show with Raphael Opstaele, Waldo Bien, Caroline Coolen, Tom Liekens, Joachim Koeste, Guido van der Werve, Xavier Cortada, Didier Mahieu, Zoubeir Ben Hmouda, Laurent Tixador, Pierre Huyghes, Louis de Cordier, Lieven Standaert. Verbeke Fondation. Belgium.
- November 15 - 30 2009: "A Book about death" curated by Mathew Rose, collective show. Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA
- November 6 - December 13 2009: "Six feet under", collective show with Ursula Achternkamp, Fanny Adler et Vincent Madame, Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, Collectif DN, Jean-Louis Chapuis, Matthieu Clainchard, Vincent Epplay, Charlie Jeffery, Cecile Colle}{Ralph Nuhn, Nicolas Fenouillat, Aurelie Godard, Valery Grancher, Sabrina Issa, Pierre Joseph, Djamel Kokene, Bertrand Lamarche, Stephane Magnin & Emilie Maltaverne, Cyrille Maillot, Bruno Persat, Fabrice Pichat, Jerome Poret, Santiago Reyes, Joel Riff, Jean-Philippe Roux, Eric Stephany, Veit Stratmann, Laurent Tixador, Christian Vialard. Glassbox, Fondation Avicennes, Cite internationale universitaire de paris, France.
- September 10 - 22 2009: "A Book about death" curated by Mathew Rose, collective show. Emily Harvey Fondation, New York, USA
- August 26 2009: "Flamenco et frog legs", group show with Bill Culbert, Pip Culbert, Omar Chacon, Alicia Escott, Rebecca Goldfarb, Graham Gillmore, Julia Goodman, Richard Haden, Charles Linder, Rudi Molecek, Lorenzo Mardaresco, Tucker Nichols and Matt Satz. Lincart Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
-April 2009": "Splashback" curator Brian Droitcour, online exhibition with Annie Abrahams, Daniel Garcia Andujar, Ben Benjamin, heath bunting, Gregory Chatonsky, Shu Lea Cheang, Andrew Childs, Curt Cloninger, David Crawford, Mark Daggett, Joshua Davis, entropy8zuper, Andrew Forbes, Valery Grancher, Matthew Hoessli, Olia Lialina, David Lindeman, jimpunk, JODI, Yael Kanarek, Lucas Kuzma, Antonio Mendoza, Mouchette, MTAA, Robbin Murphy, Nettmedia, Scott Paterson, Pavu, Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Reinis, Satellite01, Sigma6, Starry Night, Eugene Thacker, Jake Tilson, Maciej Wisniewski, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. Rhizome at New Museum, New York USA.
-00h00 - 24h00 April 12 2009: "Paques aux tisons" TV Performance "Geopol": diffusion of the 24H00 movies on Souvenirs from Earth TV. Souvenir from Earth TV showroom, Tokyo Eat, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
- April 2 - 25 2009: "Version 01.B", Collective show sith Damien Aspe, Cory Arcangel, Bruno Peinado, Pierre Huygues, Philippe Parreno, Space Invaders, Miltos Manetas, Djamel Kokene, Serge Comte, Daniel Firman, Claude Closky, Valery Grancher. Curator: Jean Marc Avrilla. Espace d'Art Contemporain Lieu Commun, Toulouse, France.

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The most important projects :

-"Ny Alesund Pole 0" May 2007: An art expedition over the arctic circle to the Svalbard in the Spitzberg at 79°North 12°East, at the franco-german base named Cordel; with the support of the French Polar institute Paul Emile Victor and the fourthpolar year

-"The shiwiars project Octobre 2005 produced by Palais de Tokyo site de création contemporaine, Paris, France.

-"Samsara" October 2004, produced with the Help of french Ministry of culture, CNC DICREAM 2003.
-"Web drawings", publication of the book at Onestarpress edition. September 2004
-"World Wild Art ! 1994 - 2003": Publication of the lectures done at La Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France. July 2004.
-"WIFI and Art" curator: Christophe Bruno, Valéry Grancher, Paris, France.

-Tirana Biennale 2 New media: September 12 - October 25. (artist curator)
-"Search Art !" Since February: Collective project
-"World Wild Art ! 1994-2003" third edition January to march: Lectures about "Net Art" history. Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain.

-"World Wild Art ! 1994-2002" second edition January to march: Lectures about "Net Art" history. Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain.

-"No memory book" October: The Berkeley Art museum Pacific Film Archive, The French ministry of culture, The Editions du Seuil have published a monograph.
-"World Wild Art ! 1994-2001" first edition January to march: Lectures about "Net Art" history. Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain.

-"On Air": July 8 2000 (commissioned by 'la mission pour l'an 2000'): VJ performance at the anthic theater in Arles, France.

-"24h00" Octobre 4 - January 31, curator: Constance Lewallen. Berkeley Art museum Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, USA.
-"Project ?" March 11- April 4, curator: Takuji Kogo, Valéry Grancher. Artspace of Australia, Sydney, Australia.

-"Villa Médicis hors les murs", 3 month residency in Tokyo, Japan. October to December.
-"Project ?" December 19 - January 10 1999. curator: Takuji Kogo, Valéry Grancher. Candy Factory, Yokohama, Japan.

-"Web residence" since august. Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria.

-"Cyber", Galerie Patrick Martin. curator: Valéry Grancher, Lyon, France.

-"No memory", Website launching, October, Paris, France.

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