Valery Grancher
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"Tirana" C-Print. Valéry Grancher 2003

To see the videos you need : windows media player, real vidéo, quicktime plugins... and a DSL, ISDN or LAN internet connexion


Digital video is today a part of our daily environment. It's feeding fantasms and the personal mediatization phenomenon. It's farest than the image, closed to hallucination and psychological effects and diseases: Metaphor often used by VJ.
We don't need anymore to define narration, neither documents but mediation with images.

"Through the 'Global nomadism', try to define an exotourism critic."


Tourism has its own aesthetic dimension dealing with subjective memory, individual memory sometimes saved on digital media. This fact is dealing with individual mediatization which may be public through internet (blog) or private (family environment).
I decided to reverse the process, to make as performances tourist tours in extrem place where tourist don't use to go...

-"Minutes from Universe" is a video online project produced on 2009 based on a video project which is working since 2000.
Concept: By using a HD digital camcorder, I am making small capture of daily life scene. To mean somthing without narration through video minimal expression.
These videos are no longer than a few minutes, and are a kind of time and space capture...
This is an infinite film ( infinite and not terminated). A kind of time image is appearing. In extrem Orient philosophy reality is considered as a vase: The space inside the vase (our mindspace) is the same than outside the vase (the space around us). These videos are like these vase and they are fullfilled along my wandering in the world...

-"Where is our mind ?" Produced on 2007 at Ny Alesund Spitzberg, Svalbard 79¡N 12¡E (with the support of the french polar institute IPEV): The sentence "Where is our mind ?" is sent with a balloon to over 33 000 meters high in the sky and then is falling down to earth: A // is done through this performance in between the Icarus myth and the scientific research...

-"Tanguntsa Amazonie 0" shot on October 2005, deep Amazonia: Ecuador/Peru border. Produced on 2006 (a coproduction France Culture, Radio France and Palais de Tokyo site de creation contemporaine, Paris, France)

-"Shiwiars" shot on October 2005, deep Amazonia: Ecuador/Peru border. Produced on 2005 (an expedition to a Jivaro tribe caled 'shiwiar' in Deep Amazonia)

-"Waouri" shot on March 2003 Douala, Camerun. Produced on 2003
In the country side of Douala in Camerun, on the Waouri river and islands on march 2003.

-"The Cape" shot on July 2000 on the way to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Produced on 2003

Vjing Performances:

-"City of light" (sample) Live performance (V. Grancher and DJ Angel), Fotofest 2002 biennale, Houston, USA 2002.
-"On air !" (sample) Live performance (V. and E. Grancher and Radio Mentale) at the Arles anthic theater , 'célébration de l'an 2000', Rencontres internationales de la Photographie d'Arles. Arles, France. (2000)

"Neuronal videos":

Videos dealing with conscioussness, language, retinian memory versus consciousness memory ...

-"Recall" Digital video. January 2004.

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