Valery Grancher
version française


"Msn" acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, Valéry Grancher 2003

Xanadu: Online private collection

Xanadu is a term inspired by Ted Nelson the conceptor of 'hyperlink':
Some net art project, I collected . This my online private collections. Some of this pieces were given by the artists to me, others were traded with mine, and the last one were bought...

Nicolas Schöffer:
"Found exhibition", curator: The Centre of attention, January 14 - 23 2005, Paris, France.
courtesy Eleonore Schöffer.

Christophe Bruno:
"WIFI SM" France. 2003

Yi Zhou:
"Yi out of the blue" France / China. 2003

Miltos Manetas:
"Jesus swimming" USA. 2001.

John Simon Jr:
"Every Icon" USA. 1997

Robbin Murphy:
"without title" de Robbin Murphy. USA 1997

Malcolm Payne:
"Abandon" South Africa. 1997

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