Tirana Biennale 02: "U-Topos"  New Media

Christophe Bruno

The Web is a text. It tends towards the sum of all the speeches of mankind, the sum of all our dreams and our pains. Like the unconscious, it is structured and regulated: free association emerges from the subversion of search engines, computer programs try to watch over our least thoughts, automatized global news portals supply us with the everlasting spectacle of death and fear. There is no escape here, no space of freedom, no open source of life. Mankind has become your closest neighbour and the Web is your ultimate mirror, the global accounting of your being. You have reached the "age of access", the ultimate stage of surplus value: Generalized Semantic Capitalism. So, feel the ultimate private enjoyment of Global Pain!

Christophe Bruno


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(collab. with Jimpunk)



curator: V. Grancher / website by: C. Bruno